Troyer Growers, Inc.

The Troyer Growers legacy began in the late 1930s when a young farmer named Dan Troyer left Nebraska for northwestern Pennsylvania and began growing potatoes. Dan´s sons, Clifford Troyer and Cletus Troyer, sold chipping potatoes to regional snack food companies in the East and Midwest, quickly earning a reputation for quality. In 1967, Clifford and Cletus established Troyer Potato Products to manufacture and distribute potato chips.

Harvest 2011

Despite the success of the snack food company, the Troyer family never stopped farming. Today the family operates nearly 2,500 acres, with more than 600 acres in potatoes.

The harvest season lasts from late July until November when Troyer Growers harvests the crop and sends it the short distance to storage bins, where temperature, humidity and airflow are strictly controlled. 

Potatoes are still a mainstay, followed closely by corn and wheat. Corn is grown for grain purposes and for ethanol production. Troyer Growers provides grain-drying services with quick unloading capabilities. Wheat is often moved to locations that can best use its value. 

Troyer Growers not only produces potatoes and grains, we also will buy and sell regionally. To put Troyer Growers´ long history of high-quality, high-yield expertise to use for you, contact us at 814 796-7082.